Referral Process and Fees

There are three ways of making an appointment. The first is through a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), which is organised through a specialist such as a GP, psychiatrist, or pediatrician. The second is through a self-referral, made by yourself. The third is through a private health fund. It is important to know the difference, as one attracts the Medicare rebate where the others may not.

I have a Medicare provider number which means that under Medicare referrals you can get about half your fee rebated. A Medicare referral is obtainable from a GP for specific psychological or mental health issues under the Better Access to Mental Health Care program. In other words, this rebate option applies only to counselling, psychotherapy or to groups that address psychological or mental health issues.
For your information, my areas of specialist expertise that appear in the eligible Medicare list are:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Panic attacks
• Adjustment difficulties
• Sexual problems
• Bereavement difficulties
• Post-trauma stress reactions

Mental disorders not otherwise specified (i.e. other personal problems impacting adversely on you)
There are several counselling benefits approaches that are approved by Medicare. These are known as ?Focussed Psychological Strategies.? For your information, my areas of specialist training and experience that appear on the Medicare approved list are:

• Psycho-educational
• Cognitive behavioural
• Skills training
• Interpersonal therapy

Relationship counselling is not on the Medicare rebate list. However it may be necessary to see you and your partner in the course of addressing a personal issue and this may be part of rebated counselling. If you want relationship counselling, discuss this with me directly.
Privacy & Confidentiality As a fully Accredited Mental Health Social Worker I am bound by the ethical code outlined by the professional organisations that I am registered with. This conduct is documented in the AASW code of ethics.

The code of ethics outlined by the AASW recognises that your well-being, personal information and confidentially is paramount. What this means is that your privacy is of utmost importance and will be respected at all times. This serves to reassure you and develop a deep therapeutic understanding, knowing that what we discuss during the sessions will not be revealed to any other person.
In addition, I am ethically required to have your signed consent before passing on any information or having discussions with anybody about you and what we talk about.
There are some exceptions and these are linked to minimising harm to yourself and others, your MHCP, and where I am bound by the law to release documentation to legal representatives. These are typically rare occurrences, and you will be notified well in advance of any such event.
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